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What are and Prison Education News? is the world’s premiere source for prison education, inmate education, and correctional education news, information, research, and advocacy. It is the platform for the prison education community. Prison Education News is our blog, where we publish the majority of our content. Learn more About Us.

What is the purpose of

We aim to provide a professionally developed platform for all in the prison education, inmate education, and correctional education communities. Several years ago we noticed a problematic void in online prison education advocacy and publication. was founded with the aim of filling this void. We feel we have accomplished this and much, much more. Learn more Our Purpose.

What type of content does publish?

We strive to publish content of interest to our diverse target markets. This often translates into profiles of various in-prison and correspondence prison education programs, profiles of those in the field who are making a difference, articles which focus on professional development for prison educators, essays from incarcerated students who share first-hand the value of education in prison classrooms, articles about legislative actions (and inactions), and a whole variety of other topics. We strive to be the prison education meeting place and a melting pot for the world’s views on the subject. All opinions are valued, but the focus is stead: enhanced educational opportunities for the incarcerated is smart for society and the incarcerated student alike. It truly is a win-win for all involved. For more details, view our Submission Guidelines, or check out our latest News articles for the most recent content.

Is a supporter of correctional educators or incarcerated students?

We are adamantly a supporter of both distinct groups. In the inmate education equation, there are two primary parties: staff educators and prisoner students. In fact, there is a third group too: inmate tutors. We support all three groups with equal fervor. When people or organizations focus or support only one of these three distinct groups, their mission will fail time and time again due to a failure to engage and support all of the correctional education stakeholders. We remedy this with our holistic approach.

What is’s primary audience?

We are proud to say that our readership is both dedicated and diverse. Our readers usually consist of prison educators, correctional administrators, family and friends of prisoners, prisoners, prisoners’ rights organizations, and members of the news media. We are strong supporters of all of these groups and try to inform those who might not have the right idea about educating America’s incarcerated class.

Does limit its coverage to prison education in the United States or provide coverage to prison education programs abroad?

While most of our contributers are based in the United States, we strive to provide coverage to prison education programs, legislative actions, and news from other countries too. Usually this coverage is provided by third party content sources which have syndication agreements with This enables us to provide coverage to prison education news in countries other than the United States.

How popular are and Prison Education News?

Exceedingly would be the most apt word! receives thousands of monthly readers who, on average, read several pieces of content each visit. The unique visitor numbers continue to rise and surprise even those of us who have been here from the start and envisioned this project. We are delighted to further report that we’ve garnered several thousand Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers. Clearly, our work is well received by a growing and highly active audience.

How does support its broad array of operations and initiatives? is the proud recepient of sustained funding from Middle Street Publishing, a South Carolina non-profit devoted to social justice. Middle Street Publishing (MSP) is the brainchild of philanthropists Suzan and Stephen Zoukis and supports the operations of, and MSP also supports a nationwide network of social justice advocates who strive to find ways to effect meaningful change in the world around them.

Who writes for

Christopher Zoukis is the primary contributing writer for We also have a number of contributing writers through syndication agreements with third party content producers and writers who submit articles directly to us for publication consideration. In addition to our syndication agreements, we also have a staff of dedicated writers. is proud of our affiliation with these writers in particular because they’ve had contact with America’s broken criminal justice system. As such, they understand that they are not merely producing content, but helping to reform a system which desperately needs to be fixed. To add to this, lead contributer Christopher Zoukis has both taught and been taught in prison classrooms.

Does accept unsolicited submissions or queries?

We certainly do! is, in the founder’s and managers’ minds, a community resource. As such, it is for the prison education community to use as it sees fit. With that being said, freelance writers who would like to submit a query or an actual submission are encouraged to do so.
Please review our Submission Guidelines to learn more about our content needs.

Does accept submissions from prisoners?

We certainly do! Prisoners can make their submissions via postal mail to the address below, or they can have an outside contat email submissions to us directly. Electronic submissions are the preferred method.
Prison Education News
Attn: Christopher Zoukis
FCI Petersburg Medium
P.O. Box 1000, #22132-058
Petersburg, VA 23804

Does have any volunteer opportunities or needs?

Absolutely! always has smaller – and larger – projects which could use assistance with. Regardless of if you can donate an hour a month or several hours a week, you can help fulfill a need and support the prison education cause. Contact Us to discuss our current needs and your interests.

Does accept donations?

Yes and no. At the present time, we are not accepting donations. This is due to Federal Bureau of Prisons’ policy concerning conducting a business. Since Christopher Zoukis – our lead contributor and founder – has dealt with direct retaliation from the Bureau due to his prison education writings and advocacy efforts, we try to stay out of the grey areas which could cause him problems. With that being said, there are other ways readers can contribute.
The two primary mechanisms to contribute are to Contact Us and discuss sponsorship opportunities or to purchase any books by Middle Street Publishing. Sales of MSP books directly support MSP and all of their many worthwhile endeavors (including If you want to directly support Chris, he has books available for sale through online retailers such as You can visit his Amazon Author’s Page by clicking on the following link:

If you want to make a tax-deductible donation to a worthy cause, we highly recommend Prison Legal News (PLN), a project of the Human Rights Defense Center. Prison Legal News is, according to their website, “an independent 64-page monthly magazine that provides cutting edge review and analysis of prisoner rights, court rulings and news concerning prison-related issues.” We love Prison Legal News and the amazing work they regularly engage in. In fact, lead contributor Christopher Zoukis is also a Prison Legal News contributing writer.

Does connect directly with prisoners or only advocate for prisoners and prison education?

We most certainly connect directly with prisoners. While advocacy groups can be successful in advocating for a cause while not being engaged with those who are a party to the cause – think the Free Tibet Movement – we prefer to be in thick of things. We understand that prisoners are desperately starved for quality information and news. As such, we provide a free news update service – our Prison Education & Prison Law News Update Service – through our account. This allows us to send updates directly to prisoners who have access to the service.
If you are looking to support another organization which interacts directly with prisoners, then you should take a look at Prison Legal News (PLN). Prison Legal News is a monthly news magazine which focuses on prison law and prisoners’ rights. If you know someone in prison, do them a favor and order them a subscription to Prison Legal News. They have been delivering useful, important news to prisoners for a long time and such a gift will be appreciated – and probably shared by many.

How does the Prison Education & Prison Law News Update Service work?

To start, is the external website which allows community members to email with approved federal prisoners. TRULINCS – the acronym for the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System – is a computer network that federal prisoners are allowed to utilize. One component of the TRULINCS system is a monitored email service. It is through this monitored email service that the updates are sent.
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, several articles that have been published at and are sent out through this free news network. Articles are curated to be as much of interest to an incarcerated audience as possible, and usually number between 3 and 5 articles per update. These articles are distributed at no charge three times a week to all incarcerated individuals who add to their email list.

How can prisoners sign up for the Prison Education News Updates?

Prisoners can simply add to their email contact list.

Is on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

In fact, we are on all three. In this day and age, these are the tools of the grassroots advocacy organization. As such, we are very active on all three. can be found at the following locations:

How can members of the news media connect with staff for a quote, comment, or interview?

Christopher Zoukis is available to speak with members of the news media and community groups. There are three ways to get in contact with Chris:
Contact Us,
Email his publicist, or send postal correspondence to the following address:
Christopher Zoukis
FCI Petersburg
PO Box 1000, #22132-058
Petersburg, VA 23804
Members of the media can also view his Media FAQs page for helpful information.