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Comment Policy

We here at like to think of ourselves as a catalyst for change. We are forward thinkers who understand the need for educating prisoners. We see how educating the incarcerated is a mutually beneficial proposition.  That both the incarcerated student and the American taxpayer win when education is introduced in a correctional setting.

Because of our passion for correctional education, we want -and even need to voice our thoughts, research, experiences, and concerns regarding this important topic. Though, because of the controversy surrounding the educating of prisoners, we understand that there will be detractors; persons we hope to inform through our publication and advocacy efforts. As such, a comments’ policy is needed to keep the discussion on a healthy and open level. With this in mind, we ask that you abide by the following policies.

Language: is a public platform which is visited by persona of all ages, races, religions, and cultures. Because of this, profanity or attacking language is not tolerated in any comments.  All such comments will not be accepted and will be removed immediately.

Individual Prisoners:  is currently willing to raise up any who promote the cause of educating prisoners. As such, comments including an individual prisoners information is fine. But, we do not allow negative commenting about individual prisoners. We see the prisoners student as a student who has a troubled past, but a promising future. As such, we do not allow attacking comments directed to or about them.

Spam:  All comments which are deemed to be spam or a blatant marketing message will not be accepted and if they do make it on to the page, will be deleted immediately. This is not to say that you shouldn’t alert us – or the blog’s readership – to your product or service, but do so tastefully and not constantly. If we feel the comment borders on spam, we will either revise the comment or delete it entirely.

Links:  As a service to our readers, comments are allowed to contain up to three links to external sites. Though, these three links are the limit as more borders on spam or blatant marketing.

Editing and Deleting:  In order to better allow every voice to be heard, we do not require commenter’s to register with Though, to ensure that all comments are promotional to social discourse, we reserve the right to edit off-topic, offensive, or detracts from the blog community discussion. Do note that we at times will correct basic grammatical or spelling mistakes.