Fee-Based Bible Studies

Taking Religious Studies to the Next Level

Prisoners who have completed several free Bible studies programs, or who already have a meaningful biblical foundation and desire to further their knowledge of the Bible, should consider taking a fee-based correspondence Bible studies program. At this level of study, meaningful theological discussions start, not just basic biblical readings, reflections, and understandings.

While any prisoner can enroll in this level of study (which equates to a religious career-level program), those who desire to go into their prison’s ministry should pay special attention to these types of courses. Fee-based Bible studies cost less than a true religious college education, and can be completed in a fraction of the time, while still being meaningful and impactful.

If you know an incarcerated student looking to take their religious studies to the next level — and who doesn’t desire the rigor or expense of college-level study — then fee-based Bible studies are a great option.


There are three main factors to consider when choosing a fee-based Bible study program.

  1. The program should offer a series of courses in line with what the incarcerated student wants to learn about. Unlike college-level studies, accreditation agencies don’t accredit fee-based Bible study programs.
  2. The program should be Paper-based: The correspondence program should be able to be completed in a paper-based format with authorization for any applicable examinations to be proctored at the prison’s education department.
  3. The school should align with the incarcerated student’s religious tenets. After all, there are many Christian denominations in the United States and abroad. Luckily, most religious schools – even at the fee-based Bible study level – have a statement of beliefs and will furnish this statement upon request. If an incarcerated student is concerned about the foundational beliefs of the school, they can always review these tenets.

Recommended Fee-Based Bible Study Programs

We are firm believers in incarcerated students furthering their education, spiritual education included. We firmly stand behind the following schools due to their extensive course offerings, long-standing history and tradition of excellence, and high quality of instruction:

Fee-Based Correspondence Bible Studies for Prisoners