Louisiana State University

Independent & Distance Learning
1225 Pleasant Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-1508

Website: www.outreach.lsu.edu/idl
Email: answers@outreach.lsu.edu
Phone: 800-234-5046

Incarcerated students may enroll Louisiana State University’s print-based courses and can request the printed-version of most web-enabled courses. Because they are not semester-based, enrollment is possible at any time of the year. Students will work independently within a nine month enrollment period to submit lessons and complete exams.  Due to certain policies the fastest a course can be completed is 9-12 weeks.

Louisiana State University offers a variety of credit courses in Spanish, Sociology, Political Science, Mathematics, Marketing, Library & Information Science, Geography, English, Education, Communication & Biology in addition to their non-credit based courses.