News Submission Guidelines

Prison Education News Submissions Guidelines

We want to hear from you! We welcome your contributions, comments, opinions, and observations. Bear in mind the focus of this site is the promotion of prison education and prison educators. (If you have a well documented dissenting opinion on this, we will review and consider it, as well.)

Occasionally, the “Prison Education News” also publishes “Organizational Spotlights” which highlights organizations that assist prisoners and their families.

Typical submissions run from 400-1,500-words. If your contribution is longer than that, please divide the post into several parts or create a series.

There is no maximum number of entries you can submit at any one time. If the Editor receives several entries at a time, this aids in the planning of posts.

It may take two-to-four weeks to receive a response regarding submissions because of the review process. Also note that the “Prison Education News” does not pay for entries. The only exception to this is if professional bloggers or contributors contribute more than 10 entries per month – and desire payment – terms can be discussed.

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