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Independent Study was the first mode of distance education provided by Moody Bible Institute, beginning in 1901. Independent Study courses allow you to take undergraduate courses on your own time and at your own pace through print correspondence.

Independent Study courses do not operate on the traditional semester format – Register for courses at any time. Students have six months to work through the course material and successfully complete a course. Students may choose to enroll in a single course or participate in several courses at one time.

Earn College Credit or Work Toward Your Degree

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Moody Distance Learning offers Independent Study undergraduate courses in Bible, theology, ministry and general education for college credit.

You can take Independent Study courses to earn college credit and accelerate you towards a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies degree, an Associate of Biblical Studies degree or a Certificate of Biblical Studies.

Independent Study courses are also available to non-degree seeking students, visiting students from other universities, and 11th and 12th grade students.


These courses are available through Independent Study for undergraduate college credit. All listed courses are available in Independent Study print correspondence format.

To find corresponding textbooks for each course, go to Undergraduate Required Textbooks.

Bible / Theology



General Education


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(800) DL Moody
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