Education from the Inside Out

Most prison educators strongly believe that incarcerated prisoners who receive higher education while in prison, have substantially reduced rates of recidivism.

The Education from the Inside Out Coalition is a collaborative of nonpartisan advocates higher education to students in prison. And most importantly, the Education from the Inside Out advocates are diligently working for change in the policy that bans Pell Grant eligibility for incarcerated individuals. Prisoners who receive a college degree in prison have a much higher chance of being successful upon reentry.  

“Research indicates that people with a bachelors degree are twice as likely to be employed than those with only a high school diploma.”

The mission statement of Education from the Inside Out is: to remove barriers to higher education funding facing students in prisons, both in New York State and nationwide. You can help us increase college access for incarcerated students through generous donations.”

The Education from the Inside Out Coalition believes that success in higher education impacts much more than just the prisoner receiving the degree. More than 50% of incarcerated people have children. When parents participate in postsecondary education, the likelihood their children will go to college increases, creating more opportunities for multiple generations to have the chance at meaningful jobs and help end the cycle of poverty.

Education from the Inside Out is led by the College and Community Fellowship and The Fortune Society’s David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy, whose mission is to support successful reentry from prison and to promote alternatives to incarceration. They strongly believe that with this support, formerly incarcerated individuals can become positive, contributing members of society.

The College & Community Fellowship helps to guide prisoners through stages of higher education while promoting leadership, self-advocacy, artistic expression, civic participation and long term economic security. To quote, “We see beyond reentry. We see limitless possibilities for our participants, their families and their communities.”

To learn more how you can help incarcerated prisoners earn a college degree, read more here.

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