Law Minister Discontinues Post-graduate Education at Bandung’s Sukamiskin Prison

By Leo Jegho  Yasonna Laoly / Image courtesy

Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna H Laoly has given instructions to discontinue post-graduate program at Sukamiskin prison, located in West Java.

The minister stated that the inmates who are enrolled in the law education program at the well-known Sukamiskin Correctional Centre are university graduates with at least a Bachelor’s degree. One of them even has a Doctorate’s degree.

“I have instructed the prison head to stop the post-graduate program. They already have a S-1 (BA) degree,” Yasonna told reporters on Friday (05 Dec.) at his office, reported.

He said that their current educational qualifications are sufficient for them to earn living after they are released from the centre.

The minister added that higher learning education may still be provided for inmates with only high school background.

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