New Social Network for Prison Reform Advocates Launches

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By Christopher Zoukis 

Our friends over at have recently launched a new venture called the Reentry Reform Roundtable.  This website is designed to be the go-to forum for prison reform advocates the world over.  Here users can create profiles for themselves and their organizations, share the work they’re engaging in (via blogs and forums), and connect with fellow reform advocates via private and public messaging.  The idea is that the Reentry Reform Roundtable will become the informal location to connect with others in our industry.  Polished presentations are not required, and at the Reentry Reform Roundtable advocates can share their projects with other like-minded individuals, receive feedback, and network for the common good.

You can connect with us at the Reentry Reform Roundtable at the following link:

Take a moment and create a profile over at the Reentry Reform Roundtable.  We look forward to continuing the discussion there!


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