No Prison Education in New York

By Christopher Zoukis 

Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo (New York) cancelled his innovative plan to offer basic college education programs to state prisoners.  The cancellation was the result of vociferous opposition from other New York State lawmakers.  Once again, politics trumped common sense. 

It’s been proven that prison education effectively rehabilitates convicts.  This results in reduced recidivism and lowers the costs associated with housing and feeding prisoners, which in some states is over $100,000 per year.  In other words, prison education saves taxpayers money — billions of dollars.  And it changes lives.

Unfortunately, prison education is a controversial and emotional topic for many people.  Until people can bring themselves to view the subject dispassionately, more and more money will be funnled into warehousing criminals. 

Read more about Governor Cuomo’s plan here.

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