Pre-K Supporters Say More Early Education Could Lead to Lower Prison Numbers

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By Ellen Abbott

Research shows a connection between early childhood education and crime. Central New York boosters of universal pre-kindergarten say that should be an important consideration when it comes to funding quality programs.

Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler says the statistics logically lead to the conclusion that pre-K prevents crime.

“There’s a direct correlation between those who are involved in pre-K early education systems, and those who graduate from high school,” Fowler said. “There’s also a correlation between those who do not graduate from high school to those who are in prison.”

Fowler is a big supporter of Pre-K, and says he often sees that direct link between a lack of education and a life of crime.

Assistant Onondaga County District Attorney Jeremy Cali agreed with the police chief, saying prosecutors see the link between a high school diploma and criminal activity in their office.

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