Prison Fellowship-Transforming Lives, Reconciling Families

Imagine that because a former Watergate “crook” was sentenced to prison in 1976, today stands the powerful Christian faith-based organization known as the Prison Fellowship.

When special counsel to the Nixon administration, Chuck Colson entered a plea of guilty to Watergate related charges-obstruction of justice in the Daniel Ellsberg case, he faced one-to-three years in a federal prison. Colson only served seven months of that term, but walked away a changed man who also founded the Prison Fellowship to help incarcerated prisoners find and keep the faith of Christianity.

Colson’s heart is ever with the prisoner. He has clearly never forgotten the promise he made to his fellow inmates during his brief stay in prison: that he would “never forget” those behind bars.

The Prison Fellowship, together with churches of all confessions and denominations, has become the world’s largest outreach to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families, with ministry taking place in 113 countries around the globe.

The Prison Fellowship has strong beliefs in Christianity and Jesus Christ’s work to help restore prisoners to the community and to help reconcile with their families and loved ones and to honor the church and its community.

The Prison Fellowship is run by volunteers who take the word of Jesus Christ and their faith in Christianity into prison to bring hope and transformation to the prisoners. In-prison volunteer positions exist including; mentoring a prisoner, instruction in ministry, event volunteers and in-prison team member.

Mentors are normal citizens who take time out of their busy lives to help prisoners transform the way they interact with society, family and with other inmates. The mentors work one-on-one with the prisoner to help them establish goals and life skills that will help them integrate into society using Christian faith beliefs.

In-prison facilitators and instructors work as teams to help guide inmates through Bible studies and Christian living programs. The facilitators use the Bible and other written works approved by the Prison Fellowship to help inmates deal with their struggles with addiction, low self-esteem and even parenting skills.

The event volunteers help bring the word of God into prison through special events such as concerts, testimonials and readings.

The in prison team member partners with Christian volunteers either from a single church or Christian organizations to help set up prayer meetings, Bible studies, parenting classes and other special events for ministry offerings.

The Prison Fellowship also realizes that prison life is equally as hard for those on the outside–family, friends and especially children. The Prison Fellowship has set up Angel Tree, which serves the children of incarcerated prisoners, giving them gifts during the holidays and year round loving community support.

Prisoner Pen Pals allows you to connect with a lonely prisoner, giving them encouragement, connection and hope.

The Prison Fellowship is funded by generous donations. Please read more here if you would like to donate to this Christian faith based organization that brings hope, love and transformation to prisoners lives.

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