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We at are proud to announce a new service specifically for prisoners who have access to the email service.  This is the combined and free electronic news update service

Prisoners by and large are cut off from the news of the world.  But more importantly than regular news, they are cut off from news about themselves and their unique circumstances and situations.  While there are several remarkable outlets which help to bring news of importance to the prison population — most notably Prison Legal News (PLN) and California Lifer Newsletter (CLN) — a gap is still left in service.  It is the goal of our free news service to help bridge this gap; to provide prisoners with the news that matters to them.

Any prisoner who has access to the monitored email service can now receive free news updates three times a week.  All they have to do is add to their TRULINCS contact list and the updates will follow shortly thereafter.  That’s it.  Every single article that is published at and will be syndicated to them several times each week for their reading pleasure.  As a matter of principle — and even though such services do result in expenses on our end — prisoners will not be charged a single cent.

If you know anyone in prison who has access to the monitored email service, please advise them as to this new update service.  Likewise, if you have contacts, or if you know any outlets that do, please advise them as to this new, free service.  The more subscribers we receive, the more of a difference we can make in the lives of America’s prison population.

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