Reentry Bridge Network

If you are an incarcerated prisoner ready for release in the Ohio correctional facility program, there is a non-profit organization called the Reentry Bridge Network that can help with reentry into society.

Established in 2006 by Carol E.Briney, the Reentry Bridge Network was founded to provide pre and post release development and networking for offenders and their families to help with a smooth and successful transition to their local community.

Research and public opinion support the idea that arts education fosters mental discipline, encourages productivity, cultivates the ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and encourages confidence in individuality, knowledge, competence and personal potential.


The Reentry Bridge Network has developed a model for reentry to work with pre and post release prisoners in education, family communication and reunification. The ultimate goal of the Ohio based Reentry Bridge Network is “to provide continuing mentoring to help develop ex-offenders and at-risk juveniles into law-abiding, family-supporting, tax-paying citizens instead of permanently unemployed ex-offenders who look to crime for survival.”

What a wonderful resource for prisoners about to be released! The Reentry Bridge Network works with prisoners on a personal level, treating them as human beings instead of just a correctional facility number.

The Reentry Bridge Network offers many workshops and classes within the Ohio based correctional system. Classes and workshops may include such diverse programs such as The Art of Trauma: Grief Impairmen; Analysis of the Evolution of Religion Inside Male Prisons as a Predictor of Recidivism; Prison Library Partnership; and many more.

The Reentry Bridge Network believes strongly that arts in the prison system offer prisoners a place for self-expression, emotional healing and cognitive problem-solving skills. Many believe that arts are an important component in building a well-educated workforce. And this translates directly to ex-offenders contributing to society.

“I truly believe that reentry is and will remain a major process that works to assist offenders, their families and other stakeholders in becoming participants in increasing and sustaining safe, secure and successful communities where we all can live.”  — Terry Collins, former Ohio Arts Council Director.

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