The Goucher Prison Education Program

By Christopher Zoukis

Providing educational access to inmates of two Maryland prisons is the cornerstone of the Goucher Prison Education Program (GPEP).  Faculty from Goucher College provides on-site instruction for inmates of the Maryland Correctional Center for Women and the Maryland Correctional Facility -Jessup.  The coursework is associated with the rigorous standards that the college is well-known for.  Goucher College faculty also provides college preparatory coursework that helps ready inmates for college classes but require some secondary skills first.  Image courtesy

The Partnership

GPEP is a small initiative as far as prison education programs go; however, even with its sixty students, the program has big potential for changing lives and reducing recidivism.  Moreover, by working with a small population, the college may better be able to refine the program.  If it can be shown to be successful, it has the potential to be a model for other prison education programs and may even be expanded.  The partnership between the prison and the college demonstrates that there is acknowledgement for this segment of the community at large and that there is a need to promote education as a vehicle for change. 

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