Education and Prison Contract Scandals Spell Trouble for Otter

Image courtesy By Rocky Barker and Cynthia Sewell / Idaho Statesman State officials are scrambling to preserve the network that lets Idaho students take distance-learning and dual-credit classes now that a judge has voided the state’s contract for the

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Idaho Department of Corrections

Offenders who are in prison often have limited vocational skills that can help them find employment when they leave prison, which can mean that a crime can be committed that will land them back in prison. Many correctional institutions goals are to see that eligible prisoners are given the chance to find gainful employment and to ultimately reduce the rates of recidivism. 

In collaboration with the Robert Janass School and the Idaho Department of Corrections, prisoners can learn vocational professional and technical education that can help them find good employment upon release. All of the courses are offered throughout Idaho and their correctional facilities, except for Idaho Maximum Security Institution. 

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