Three Hots and a Cot

By Robert Tashbook

I’ve always wanted to be a travel writer, staying in exclusive resorts, eating meals fit for a king. An ad in a writing magazine finally provided my big break. They wanted neophyte travel writers seeking to get into this exciting business. The only requirement was to visit an appropriate location and write a review. They would select the best one and offer the writer a contract.

Luckily for me, I was currently at a fine establishment — part of a national chain with over 100 locations — offering both lodging and dining. Hopefully then, this review will launch me on my new career.

Security seems to be the watchword at this resort. The burnished aluminum security bars on the tinted windows are more for show, but the twenty-four hour armed guard at the front, the multiple razor-wire topped fences, and the roving patrols really drove the point home. Unfortunately, when I learned most of the fifty-foot tall perimeter guard posts were unmanned, I began to doubt that the advertised “500,000 volt electric fence” was strong enough to do more than roast marshmallows.

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Prison Vegetarian Project

Incarceration strips prisoners of many of their rights in society. And making this even more difficult and challenging is that some prisoners have very specific dietary requirements.

There are many people, either in free society or incarcerated in prisons, that have special dietary requirements, whether for health issues or for religious reasons. Many prisons, however, require that an inmate prove that a special diet is required by an accepted religion before approving a request for vegetarian, vegan or kosher meals. And each state within the United States has very different protocols and rules for establishing approved dietary requirements.

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