Worthwhile Organizations

ACLU Capital Punishment Project (www.aclu.org)

The ACLU’s Capital Punishment Project fights valiantly for those on death rows across the United States. They monitor conditions of confinement and are often the last resort for the innocent who sit on death row with no other avenue of recourse.


ACLU National Prison Project (www.aclu.org/prison)

The ACLU’s National Prison Project is dedicated to ensuring that out nation’s prisons, jails, juvenile facilities and immigration detention centers comply with the Constitution, federal law, and international human rights principles, and to addressing the crisis of over-incarceration in the United States.


ACLU Oregon (www.aclu-or.org)

ACLU Oregon is the Oregon branch of the ACLU. They are also a friends of PrisonEducation.com.

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Educational Series #6

Every federal prison has a library…or so I’m told. My experience here at FCI-Petersburg is much better than my experience in the North Carolina Prison System. There, we were lucky if we could find a library and it would be the size of a small closet if it was ever found. Getting it unlocked was a whole other matter. Not a good thing. In the federal prison system the outlook is much better.

According to the FCI-Petersburg Inmate Admission and Orientation Handbook,

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