1 thought on “Transformation Through Education”

  1. You know what I like about this the most is that it highlights something that is often forgotten. A lot of these adults started making their poor decisions as kids. This guy came from a good background, and at 16 years old he decided to make a dumb mistake. 16 is insanely young for smart decision making. It's why we have laws that prevent 16 year olds from a variety of "adult" activities. But boom – this guy decides at 16 to do some dumb things, and he has no way of building his life out of it without an education. Finally, in Sing Sing, he gets that education and shockingly his life was better.

    The idea that everyone that goes to jail had better opportunities ignores the fact that while, yes, this guy had better opportunities (because he did), he also ruined those opportunities at an age when there was simply no way he could have known he was ruining those opportunities. Anything to help them get out of it should be looked at.

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