Vice President’s Son Discharged from Navy Due to Drug Use

by Christopher Zoukis

In an embarrassing coda to Vice President Joe Biden’s long career as one of the chief architects of the War on Drugs, one of his sons was booted from the U.S. Navy after testing positive for cocaine.

Hunter Biden, 45, the younger of the Vice President’s two sons, was commissioned as an ensign in May 2013; an attorney and a managing partner at an investment firm, he had received a direct commission. After a short training course he was assigned to a Naval Reserve duty post as a public affairs officer in a Norfolk, Virginia-based unit. His career in the Navy did not last long.

Within a month, Hunter tested positive for cocaine; he was dishonorably discharged in February 2014, though his discharge was not publicly reported until October. Hunter had enlisted with a waiver based on his age and a second waiver due to a previous drug-related charge.


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